About Us

As an independent wind tunnel, we serve all brands of cars. Our first and only priority is to provide you with an accurate, repeatable, and productive facility. Our focus is strictly limited to testing. By avoiding any vehicle-related consultation, our customers will be assured complete confidentiality.

The team at AeroDyn has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to aerodynamics, racing, and technology. Gary Eaker, designer and founder of the AeroDyn Wind Tunnel, has made a significant impact on aerodynamics in the racing community. Gary Romberg has 50+ years in aerodynamic development.

Gary Eaker
Gary Eaker
Designer and Founder
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, General Motors Institute
Project Engineer: General Motors Aerodynamics Laboratory (GMAL)
Senior Project Engineer: Advanced Aero Group- GMAL
Aerodynamicist: Hendrick Motorsports

Gary Romberg
Gary Romberg
Flight Test Engineer:  Boeing Aircraft
Aerodynamic Engineer: NASA Saturn 5 Rocket Program
Head of Racecar Aerodynamics: DaimlerChrysler
Chief Engineer of the DaimlerChrysler Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel