Add-On Systems

AeroDyn offers a number of add-on systems that customers can use as part of their testing.  These systems are provided at no added cost to the customer.  Some integration work may be required, for instance to use ICADS the sensors must be terminated to plug into our system.  This information can be found by clicking on the images below.

YAW Animation

Continuous Motion / Real Time Data Collection

Implementation of Real-Time Data Acquisition System

The Real-Time, or Continuous Motion, system allows teams to collect data while the vehicle is sweeping through a range of motion.  For more information on this system please read the press release here.










High Density Pressure System 

System allows 124 pressure sensors to be installed in the car and record data.  Click Here for more info.






High Amperage Remote Power Supply (HARPS)

This system allows for iPad control over in vehicle fans.  Click Here or on the image to the left to download our press release on this system.





In Car Analog Data System (ICADS)

This system features 20 in car instrumentation channels.   Click Here or on the image to the right to download our press release on this system.




Duct Aneo

Duct Anemometers

AeroDyn has an array of duct anemometers that allow customers to test air flow through ducts inside the car.  These are typically used for brake ducts or window NACA ducts.

  • (6) 3″ Duct Anemometers
  • (6) 3.5″ Duct Anemometers
  • (2) 4″ Duct Anemometers



Radiator Aneo

Radiator Anemometers

AeroDyn has an array of radiator anemometers that allow customers to test radiator flow.  We offer 3 different radiator anemometer configurations.

  • 4 x 4 (16) Vane – 24″ Wide x 13.5″ Tall
  • 3 x 4 (12) Vane – 24″ Wide x 17.5″ Tall
  • 2 x 6 (12) Vane – 28″ Wide x 10″ Tall




Customer Data Acquisition Trigger (Pi / Motec)

AeroDyn can provide a lap trigger for Pi or Motec data systems that synchronizes customer supplied data systems with the tunnel data acquisition system.  Contact us for more info on how this integration works.

ALMS GTSmoke Wand

AeroDyn has designed and built its own smoke wand to help with macro level flow visualization.  If you are interested in doing smoke visualization, please let us know prior to the test so we can prepare to use it during your test.